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Technical Director Degree


INSTRUCTORSMichael Hill, Tom Petroski, Kent Margraves, Peter Robinson, Jim Roese


The Technical Degree Program Will encompass All learning tracts of Audio Video Lighting, Graphics, and Networking, as well as Mangement Classes, and Biblical Conflict Management/Resolution


Audio 401, Lighting 401 Video 401


Networking 101
Volunteer Management 102
Serving your Pastor’s Vision
Leadership 101

Program Features

  • Video Lecture(s) (Up to 25-minute lecture video. (If it is longer, we will break into more parts)
  • Video Lecture Notes (pdf)
  • Online Quiz
  • Magazine articles/Blog Posts (Linked to other sites)
  • Magazine articles/Blog Notes (pdf)
  • Quiz
  • Resource Videos (YouTube/Vimeo videos that reinforce the lesson)
  • Resource Videos Notes (pdf)
  • Quiz
  • Final Exam
  • Mixing classes will involve free multi-track sessions on Drop-Box for students needing to create a mix for evaluation.

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